Strictly SAAB Inc. 

2965 Ranch Road Melbourne, FL 32904


P- 321.432.2034

F- 321.725.6056

Welcome to Strictly SAAB Inc., a complete repair, maintenance and performance shop for Saabs! We are fully equipped with all current Saab diagnostic equipment to 2010 (Tech 2, CanDi, TIS2000, GM Security Access). We are able to perform any diagnostic or programming which is usually "dealer only". Programming keys, remotes, control modules, reflashing/SPS control modules can all be done in house without the trip to a Saab dealer.

All repair and service work is usually completed within one business day after parts have arrived. This allows minimum downtime of your vehicle so you can enjoy driving your SAAB!

We also have an extensive inventory of parts on hand for common failures to get you back on the road the same day.

All work and consultation are done by appointment only, to ensure personal and attentive service. Please email above address or call to make an appointment today.